About Us

Welcome to One Planet Sanitation!

We are a waste management company living in the heart of Lee’s Summit, MO. My name is Randa, I am the owner of One Planet Sanitation alongside my husband, Jesse. I grew up in eastern Jackson County and this is my home. My husband and I come from very different backgrounds. Jesse comes from an entrepreneurial family and has worked in the industrial, construction and remodeling business. My background is in healthcare, as a nurse and in electronic medical records. If you were to ask us how this company came about, we would tell you that it was a brainchild of ambition, dreams and creating a better community to live in.
As residents of this community, we want to keep it clean, do our part and pay it forward. To do so, we have built our business on maintaining great integrity, providing exceptional service and engaging with our community. We only have one planet and we only have one opportunity to make it right.
Our Vision: A cleaner, healthier community for our children and their children.

Our Mission: To provide our community with exceptional waste collection service to make it easier for them to do the right thing.
Our Values:
  • Person through honesty, integrity, and professionalism
  • Quality through innovation, continuous improvement
  • Achievement through hard work, dedication and refusal to quit
One Planet Sanitation Owners, Jesse (Left), Randa (Right)

Our Service Areas

Lee’s Summit, MO

Unincorporated, Lee’s Summit, MO

Unincorporated, Greenwood, MO

*Please call ahead for unincorporated areas.

Pick Up Schedule

64064 Monday

64063 Tuesday

64086 Wednesday

64081/64082 Thursday

64034/64086 Rural Friday

Our Service Area Includes Lee’s Summit, MO Unincorporated, Lee’s Summit, MO Unincorporated, Greenwood, MO